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Frankfurt am Main Alte Oper



Weiter gehts Frankfurt 1996, am 19. Juni in der Alten Oper. Bei tollstem Wetter mach ich erst mal eine Sightseeing Tour durchs Bankenviertel, irgendein Strassenfest findet auch gerade statt, also jede Menge Action in der Stadt.

Die Setliste laut Bill Pagel:

  • Drifter's Escape 
  • Pretty Peggy-O 
  • All Along The Watchtower 
  • Under The Red Sky 
  • I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 
  • Silvio 
  • Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) 
  • Masters Of War (acoustic) 
  • Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic) 
  • Seeing The Real You At Last 
  • She Belongs To Me 
  • Seven Days 
  • Alabama Getaway 
  • The Times They Are A-Changin' (acoustic) 
  • Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 
  • Bei Edlis Germany fand ich mal diese Review: von Ragman 10 an die NewsGroup: RecMusicDylan. Da sie genau das Gegenteil von dem aussagt, was ich erlebte 
    19 June,1996 - Alte Oper (Old Opera House), Frankfurt 
    Taking one look at Bob's outfit, I should have known that we were in for a long show. Anyway, Zimmy emerged wearing a white lemey shirt, cream colored trousers (with flowers down the side), and the white shoes. In short, he looked like my dentist. The band, seemingly on cue, wore watching light blue jackets and pants. Let's just say that it was tough to take anything that they did seriously. The show was the worst that I had ever seen. The first electric set was merely average. Even Peggy-O- (one of my favorites) was just OK. The second electric set was even worse. There was so little enthusiasm! Real You was going so badly that, at one point, Dylan stopped playing his guitar and just walked around the stage staring at each band member. JJ kept smiling and it appeared that Bob just kept getting angrier. Dylan forgot the second line of Times, bringing back memories of that fateful day in London, 1991, when he proudly asked, "How many seas must a man walk down?"(thanks Homer). I've read RMD reviews that praised the show, but no one that I spoke to thought it was any good. Well, Bobby's allowed an off night, right? 

    (Sorry dass du nicht mit mir, oder mit all den Bobniks mit denen ich nach der Show gesprochen habe, gesprochen hast, bist du sicher, dass wir auf dem selben Konzert waren?)

    na ja so doll sind die Fotos nicht! Seltsam war, dass waehrend der Showdie Saalbeleuchtung weiterbrannte.

    Tut mir leid, ich habe eine ganz andere Erinnerung an dieses Konzert. Vielleicht weil ich nicht mit soviel wissentschaftlichem Bornissmus ;-) und Sturheit darangehe, wie manche Zeitgenossen, sondern die wenigen Male, wenn ich ein BOB Konzert geniessen kann, dies dann auch mit vollem Herzen tue. ich sass in einem der oberen Raenge und hatte eine Supersicht auf die Buehne und das Geschehen dort. Mein Eindruck war, dass der Meister (vergesst Guildo Horn!) in bester laune war und das Konzert wirklich genoss.An meinen Zahnarzt hat mich Herr Zimmermann allerdings noch nie erinnert!Ein netter Zeitgenosse hat mir einen analogen Mitschnitt zukommen lassen. Meine Erinnerung hat mich nicht getaeuscht! Wirklich eine der sehr guten Bob Shows!

    Einer der Trucks, die mir inzwischen wohlbekannt sind! Diesmal sollte es nicht wieder Jahr dauern bis zu meinem naechste BOB Event. Genau 4 Wochen später war Bobbie schon wieder da um die Verkaufszahlen seines alten Freundes Neil Young etwas voranzutreiben

    Hamburg 13.Juli 1996 Trabrennbahn-Bahrenfeld

    Bei Edlis Germany findet ihr folgende Review!  
    1. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
    2. If You See Her, Say Hello 
    3. All Along The Watchtower 
    4. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight 
    5. Silvio 
    6. Ballad Of Hollis Brown (acoustic) 
    7. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) 
    8. Like A Rolling Stone 
    9. Maggie's Farm 
    10. It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic) 
    11. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 
    Dylan's set was part of a kind of festival, with a band from Hamburg, called "Die Sterne", the Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan & Band, and Neil Young & Crazy Horse (in order of appearance) sharing the bill. 
    Subject: Hamburg, 13 July 1996 - comments

    Hamburg, July 13, 1996 - two legends for the price of one. 


    Wait, folks, before you send your dogs for me, that's actually what the promo posters for yesterday's event said. Disgusting, ain't it? Anyway, here's the report: Opening acts were a local Hamburg band called "Die Sterne" (The Stars) and the Dave Matthews Band. I really didn't care for the German band, but Dave Matthews came as a pleasant surprise. Then - Bob time. The opening song:
    Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat - Yeah! That was what I was praying for: Two openers I hadn't heard before on the two shows I attended this year. Bob doing the lounge lizard as usual, walking around sans guitar, giving us a first nice harmonica solo. If You See Her Say Hello - last years's version, obviously uncommon to a lot of people in the audience, but a fine rendition nevertheless. A cover version of a song Neil Young wrote for Booker T. & The MG's. Yeah, I know, those jokes are getting decreasingly funny. The old Watchtower got another fine treatment, nevertheless, Bob warming up. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - A nice selection, Bob's voice at full throttle, singing the chorus line like back in the late 60's. Silvio - this was when I knew the set will be shortened: Silvio at spot five. Similar to the rendition at Magdeburg the night before, very enjoyable and an obvious crowd.pleaser. Most of the people in the audience seemed to know this song will be played, and it got an enthusiastic singing-along from us. Dylan rocking along with JJ smiling. The acoustic set:
    Hollis Brown - similar to the night before, but somehow even more catching. No-one in the audience dared to breathe during the whole song. Bob's voice suits this song so absolutely well that you can feel the gooseflesh crawling up your body. Tangled Up In Blue - the version he did last year, featuring the first dance steps of the night and the first make-em-scream harmonica solo. electric guitars coming back:
    Like A Rolling Stone - again, but this time different from last night's rendition, not that cooking, but more concentrated. JJ on inaudible backing vocals - the audience was just louder. Maggie's Farm - okay, he plays this one often enough, but it was a fine rendition with an arrangement that was new to me - JJ singing along on the "ain't gonna work" line. the encores:
    It Ain't Me, Babe - nothing can go wrong with this one, Bob obviously enjoys playing it. Again, a harmonica solo that wouldn't end - I just love it when he keeps on playing forever! The lion was in the cage again, Bob walking around blowin his lungs out (probably for more than a dollar by now), bending his knees with every louder blow, obviously enjoying himself. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - Like last night, the usual song, two verses and a fine eternal jam. Bob dancing around smiling, pretending to throw his harmonica to the audience. Finally, old Bob did his finger pointing again, giving us a real broad smile, and left. No shake-hands this time, for this was practcally impossible due to the stage's height. 

    A few general notes: Though it was a great show, he could have played a few more unusual tracks, in my opinion. It was as if Bob considered himself an unknown opening act who's supposed to play his best-known songs. He didn't have to: I've seen at least as many Dylan t-shirts at the venue than Neil shirts. A lot of people have obviously been there mainly to see Bob, or both of the guys. He clearly was a second headliner and no opening act. 

    Also, it's a pity Bob and Neil didn't play together at the show. Apparently Bob was already on the bus heading for Cottbus directly after he left the stage. I certainly would have loved seeing an acoustic duet of the two, but it wasn't to be. Anyway, seeing a show with both Bob and Neil was a great experience anyhow. 

    Uncle Matilda 

    (ich dachte immer du heisst Christian ;-)))

    Dem habe ich nichts hinzuzufuegen ;-( Ich habe viele getroffen, die auf wenigstensein zwei Lieder mit den beiden alten Barden gehofft haben, aber es sollte nicht sein. Ich fuhr in der selben Nacht noch weiter um Neil ein weiteres Mal in Frankfurt in der Messehalle zu erleben. Die Fahrt hat sich gelohnt. 
    Auf Bob sollte ich weitere 2 Jahre warten, da wegen seiner Krankheit 97 keine Deutschland Tour stattfand.
    Dylan 1998 Essen

    Gruga - HalleEssen16.06.98 

    WEITER Gehts!
    1998 Hamburg/Bremen/EssenThe Circus Is In Town 


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